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Five-a-side football competition 2009

Dear everyone

Well, another year is almost over, and as usual we held the hotly-contested District five-a-side football competition on a rainy Sunday in late November. Fortunately we have the hall at the Dome on Platt Lane to use as shelter!

The action started at 12.15 with 2/249th ‘B’ playing 2/241st ‘A’ on one pitch refereed by Tom, and 392nd ‘A’ against 23rd adjudicated by Matthew. The 12 teams, from 7 groups in the district were split into two pools, and played 7 minute matches. At the end of the pool stage the results where as follows.

Pool A Goals For Goals Against Difference Points
392nd A 6 11 -5 6
23rd 13 11 2 5
2/88th A 4 12 -8 3
306th 12 2 10 15
2/88th B 6 6 0 7
392nd B 10 9 1 7

From Pool A, 306th were the winners, and 392nd ‘B’ the runners up, on goal difference.

Pool B Goals For Goals Against Difference Points
2/249th B 7 7 0 9
2/241st B 13 7 6 6
2/249th A 2 34 -32 3
2/241st A 17 2 15 12
89th B 0 17 -17 0
89th A 28 0 28 15

From Pool B, the winners were 89th ‘A’, and the runners up 2/241st ‘A’.
With the pools finished, we played the semi finals, 306th vs 2/241st
‘A’, and 89th ‘A’ vs 392nd ‘B’. After two exciting matches, 306th beat
2/241st ‘A’ 2-1, and 89th ‘A’ beat 392nd ‘B’ 6-0.

The final was therefore 306th vs 89th ‘A’, with 2/241st ‘A’ vs 392nd ‘B’
in the play-off. The final was hotly contested, with 306th just losing
by thee goals to two. The play-off was won convincingly by 2/241st ‘A’
scoring 5 goals and not conceding any against 392nd ‘B’.

The final results were:

  1. 89th ‘A’ (Withington)
  2. 306th
  3. 2/241st ‘A’ (St. Cath’s)
  4. 392nd ‘B’

I’d like to thank Tom and Matthew for their expert refereeing, all the
teams that took part, Alan Robinson for his support and encouragement,
and Shane for helping organise the tournament.

Patrick Cherry

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