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Saturday 12th March 2011 Beaver Challenge

Saturday 12th March, saw a gathering of Beavers for the 2011 Manchester
South District Beaver Challenge, celebrating 25 years of beaver scouts.

9 Teams from across the District met at Ringway Primary School in
Wythenshawe as part of the District’s 25th Anniversary of Beaver Scouts.
This years challenge was to make a Beaver from Junk.

Each team had a Leader or Young Leader to ‘advise and hold’ but they were
not allowed to build. The teams were briefed on the task ahead and given 10
minutes to plan their model. Then they had an hour to make their Beaver
model. Judging took place throughout and marks were awarded for team work as well as the end result.

The junk – boxes, empty cartons, paper, card, string etc – was placed in a
very neat and tidy pile in the centre of the hall and upon the word go, each
team sent a beaver to collect junk. Oh my life!!! The neat pile lasted all
of 10 seconds and ended up everywhere. The look on the caretakers face when
he came back was classic. He had visions of still being there at 5pm
clearing up but thanks to the huge effort all was cleared up and the hall
swept and within 30 minutes there was no evidence we had been there.

At the end of the hours build the judges, DC Ian Cary and ADC Cubs Alan
Robinson, had a chance to view the completed models and make their final

The winning team was from 123rd Manchester

Collecting material

Winning team

Clearing up!

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